Lab Services

Weland Clinical Laboratories offers a variety of services to patients, care centers and hospitals needing blood, tissue and other testing.

Blood Draws

In addition to clinic and hospital facilities, Weland offers blood drawing at all seven locations for testing. Patients with a drawing order can stop in (no appointment necessary) to have their blood drawn or care facilities can request a house call for on-site collection. Learn more about on-site collection.

Laboratory Testing

Weland collects and tests blood and other samples for a variety of conditions. Laboratory testing allows healthcare providers to help pinpoint or eliminate possible conditions that may be causing a patient problems. Laboratory tests are also done to ensure a healthy condition.

Urine and Stool Collection

Weland tests hospital and patient specimens for a variety of conditions and delivers results back to your healthcare provider. Patients may drop off their sample to one of our seven locations or a care facility can request complimentary pick-up services. Learn more about our specimen courier services.

Tissue Biopsies

Weland Laboratories pathologist interpret tissue biopsies from area physicians and hospitals. Patients may request their tissue biopsies be sent to Weland Laboratories for interpretation by a Weland pathologist. Tissue samples are tested at Weland with results delivered to your doctor.

Find a Weland Location

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