Meet the Staff

  • Phlebotomist Jennifer prepares patient’s arm to collect a sample.

  • Technicians in the blood bank department type blood samples.

  • Medical Technologist Shelley selects a sample to be tested.

  • Becky prepares specimen culture plates in the microbiology department.

  • Cytotechnologist Sara processes Pap Smear specimens into slides to be analyzed using the BD Focal Point ™ GS Imaging System.

  • Melissa loads patient samples on an automated chemistry analyzer.

  • Jill and Shelley perform a manual differential cell count.

  • Joey prepares tissue specimens into slides to be interpreted by a pathologist.

  • Histology technicians cut a surgical tissue specimen to make the slide.

  • Julie C. Netser, M.D. Reviews a surgical case using the Ventana VIAS Image Analysis System.

  • The Ventana Benchmark ULTRA staining platform aids pathologist in cancer detection.

  • Cytotechnologist Sherie screens a Pap Smear using the BD GS Imaging System ™.


Administrative staff handles business and financial duties for Weland.


Patient's tissue biopsies are interpreted by a pathologist.


Phlebotomists are specially trained to properly collect patient blood samples.


Couriers are available for specimen pickup at area hospitals and clinics.